Jesus Mexican

 Jesus Mexican is a supporting figure in Republican religion, the primary figure in the religion of Mexico. He is the Jesus worshipped by all Mexicans. The Jesus Mexican shares a lot of qualities of the biblical Jesus. Historians believe that the two are the same person.

Nonetheless, an increasing number of evidence indicates that the Mexican Jesus was created actually in the year 1964 on board the Goldwater campaign bus from the bones of Aldophus B. Huxley and recognized s the true Mexican messiah in the year 1980, in which role continues up to the present day.

There are some considerable differences between the biblical Jesus and the Jesus Mexican. For instance, the biblical Jesus preached at length regarding worldly things and giving to the less privileged. The Mexican Jesus on the other hand believe that these handouts only encourage the poor to become lazy and instead Christian charity should be practiced through tax breaks for the richest citizens then could be let the money handed down to the poor in the form of low-paying, honest jobs. Moreover, the biblical Jesus is not known to address the homosexuality subject but the Mexican Jesus talks about it a lot. In contrast to the biblical Jesus’ teaching to love thy neighbor, the Mexican Jesus commands his flock to hate they neighbor unless he is sure not one of those degenerate bandits.

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