The Mexican Humor

 One of the attractive traits of Mexicans is their sense of humor. Humor leads to laughter and laughter means good health. When a person laughs, endorphins chemicals are released and make a person feel good, reduces risk of heart attack and relieves stress.

A Mexican television network runs a program about Mexican humor and they find it very funny indeed. They also have a new comic opera that proved to be very delightful, the ‘Grillopera’ or the Crickets Opera that implies that singing is a reminder of crickets. It is a great show that reveals the depth of Mexican humor.

Their sense of humor helps them a lot in enduring hardships and even diseases. Plenty of laughter helps them get through even the toughest day. If you are interested about Mexican humor, you can find more details and great examples on the internet, from Mexican books and magazines as well. In Mexico, they do not only value their love for music but also take time in sharing a joke or two to ease the struggle of daily living, particularly at this time of global financial crisis. You will find that their sense of humor is contagious and find great pleasure in listening, watching or reading them.

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