Enjoy Mexican Jokes

Posted in Hispanic Humor and Comedy | No Comments » September 20th, 2011

 Mexicans are famous for their hospitality and kindness. The Mexico population is growing daily and also adding many immigrants across the border. Mexicans love to laugh and they have their own jokes to share to the world. Most Mexican jokes diverse them and their living style and culture in a fun way. Here are some Mexican jokes you will surely enjoy.

1. Why do Mexicans try over and over again? Because they are MexiCANs not MexiCANT’s.

2. What do you do when a Mexican rides a bike? Chase him or her, it is probably yours.

3. What do you call a Mexican who is picking cotton? Confused.

4. Why is it that Mexico does not have an Olympic team? That’s because any Mexican who can jump, run or swim is in the United States.

5. How do you find out the population of Mexico? Drop a peso on the ground.

6. Why Mexicans do not play hide and seek? That’s because nobody will look for them.

7. Why are Mexicans short? Because when they were young, their parents say: When you get bigger you will have to get a good job.

8. How do you stop a Mexican tank? You can shoot that the guy who is pushing it.

9. How to starve Mexican? Put the food stamps in their work boots.

10. What is a Mexican’s favorite book store? Borders

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